Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

Ceramic Cookware Set by Rachael Ray

If you’re looking for safer non-stick cookware that’s free of chemicals and that won’t release toxic gases while you’re cooking, choose ceramic cookware. Ceramic cookware is not only safe to use but it’s also stylish and comes in various designs depending on the manufacturer. It is designed to be the best cookware for those looking for durable lifetime cookware. It is designed to work on all surfaces: flame-top, glass-top or use it in the oven directly. It is a great alternative cookware to stainless steel.

Best ceramic cookware brands

  • One of the best ceramic sets that are currently on the market is made by Orgreenic. Kitchenware is durable, sturdy and releases your food on the plate easily without the hassle. This also keeps you from having to start the cooking process with butter. Orgreenic Cookware is also non-toxic unlike other popular brands of ceramic cookware, which contain aluminum or copper and release unhealthy toxins in the air during the cooking process. Orgreenic also offers a lifetime warranty and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ceramcor Xtrema is another safe cookware brand and they sell skillets, tea sets, baking pans and cake pans. Ceramcor Xtrema can take temperatures up to 2500 degrees and it stays hot for a long time after the coking is done.
  • The Mercola Ceramic Cookware is another popular brand. This brand offers nano-glazed, which means that the glaze is bacteria-resistant.
  • Corning Ware has top quality ceramic kitchenware and some of their best items are the 7-oz. ramekins.

Ceramic Cookware adds flair to your kitchen design

If you’re planning to decorate your kitchen in the retro style, using colorful ceramic cookware will add the funky and sophisticated look to this type of kitchen. You can even build a theme around your cookware sets and utensils. For example, if you have a brown and orange ceramic cookware set, you can paint the kitchen walls a coffee color and paint the trim a deep orange or red. Then you can get some autumn-themed wall decals that match your ceramic cookware in cute designs.

Best way to clean ceramic kitchenware

Here is how you should clean your ceramic cookware. Never clean it with abrasive cleaners or steel pads because this will ruin your cookware over time. For tough stains, let the cookware soak in warm water with liquid soap for a few hours then wash with a soft dish rag. It’s also important not to have the heat up too high because you’ll burn the food and leave permanent marks on your cookware.

Designed for durability

When purchasing new ceramic cookware, only buy items that you’ll need for everyday use and which suits your budget. If you’re a college student and you only cook large meals on the weekends, you should get one or two large pots and at least one casserole pan. Also choose pots and pans that are sturdy durable, and get the cookware from well-known and trusted brands. Read customer reviews of different ceramic cookware brands and look at their comments on price, design and durability.

Another good way to make your ceramic cookware last is to store them properly. Invest in a cookware rack for your heaviest pots and pans, and install a medium-size shelf for your baking pans and cake pans. Another idea is to store your ceramic items in the cabinet.

If you prefer designer cookware but can’t afford the high price, it’s possible to get sets at affordable prices. Visit the manufacturers’ websites and look for discounts and promo codes on ceramic cookware items. You’ll also find sales on the cookware at department stores and outlet stores that carry these items. Your Sunday newspaper sometimes has manufacturers’ coupons for cookware and you’ll also get bargains during Christmas and other holidays.

Affordability of ceramic cookware

If you own a restaurant, ceramic cookware is the best choice because it’s durable and sturdy, which is especially important in the restaurant environment. Local restaurant supply stores carry industrial-size ceramic cookware and if you belong to a trade organization, you may get a discount on the cookware. Another way to get industrial-sized ceramic cookware is to order from catalogs that sell restaurant supplies. Sometimes you can order the cookware directly from the manufacturer at reduced prices.

If you’re looking for a good rainy day activity for your kids, let them decorate your new ceramic cookware. Give each child a small pot along with small jars of paint and paintbrushes. Let them paint cute designs on the lids and on the sides and handles of the pans. They can also paint food-related words and short phrases along with the designs. Then let the kids have a show-and-tell about the pans they decorated, and the kid with the best-looking pan will get to choose dessert.

If you’re someone who loves to make soups, you need a ceramic stock pot. This type of pot is large, has sturdy handles and is durable. When purchasing ceramic stock pots, look for those that suit your kitchen’s theme. For example, if you have a 1920s-style kitchen, a black or white ceramic stock pot with artwork on it is a good choice. Or if your kitchen is futuristic, a loud-colored ceramic stock pot works well in this case. Also get one from a trusted company.


Some basic styles of ceramic cookware include stoneware, porcelain and terracotta. When I was a girl, my great-grandmother and grandmother kept porcelain cookware in the kitchen but they were mainly used for decorative purposes, and they used them for special occasions. The cookware came in yellow, green and orange, and I was always fascinated by them. One day I hope to be able to afford a whole ceramic cookware set but in the meantime I’ll settle for a few saucepans. If you have a Spanish mission-style kitchen, terracotta cookware is excellent. Stoneware is great for durability and style.

Oven safe

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing cookware is the ability to go in the oven. If the label says “oven safe” then you should get that pot. You also want to make sure the ceramic cookware doesn’t have a lead coating as this will release chemicals in the air during the cooking process. This ensures that your cooking will be healthy for your family.

It can be a little confusing to sort through the types of products available. In any case if you are in the market to buy Ceramic Cookware look for quality items that will last you a lifetime.



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